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Next 72 HRS ☀️🧝🏾‍♀️

For Leo: Queen of Wands. Confidence and strong leadership coming through as you take charge and inspire others in your creative endeavors. A time of passion and focus.

For Scorpio: Eight of Swords. Recognizing where you've felt trapped or restricted is the first step to liberation and progress. Mental shackles are illusions - choose freedom.

For Aquarius: Ten of Cups. Abundant happiness from investing in community, family bonds and the beauty surrounding you each day. Inner peace, external fulfillment.

For Taurus: Seven of Swords reversed. Clever plans come to fruition as tricky situations resolve themselves through honesty and direct facing of facts. Truth overcomes deceit.

For Pisces: Nine of Cups. Time to celebrate your progress and feel satisfaction from work that's paid off. Enjoy this period of contentment and small pleasures.

For Gemini: Seven of Pentacles. A tendency to overthink or feel impatient. Focus on being productive and seeing plans through with diligence rather than restlessness. Growth takes time.

For Virgo: The Sun. Warmth, illumination and blessings around you. Happiness from feeling vibrant and nurtured emotionally. Positive beginnings and strengthened confidence.

For Sagittarius: Three of Swords, reversed. Healing from past hurts or separations that previously weighed heavy. Forgiveness of yourself and others sets you free now.

For Cancer: Six of Pentacles. Balance, reciprocity, fairness and generosity coming your way in your social circles or partnerships. A positive give-and-take energy.

For Libra: Ace of Swords. Clarity of thought and communication leading to new plans or projects being formed. A breakthrough or solution after difficulty.

For Capricorn: Eight of Cups. Time for walking away from something that no longer serves you, perhaps emotionally, to seek growth and new visions. Endings create space for new doors.

For Aries: Three of Wands. Looking ahead confidently to the future, making long-term plans and feeling ready and secure to expand your horizons in exciting ways. Opportunity and adventure on the winds.

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