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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Nov 13-19: Find the silver lining

Aries: King of Pentacles: angles, Avery, Andrew, sleeping pills, kingly, weird behavior, looking at your finances, someone being greedy, overly generous, father, Saturn, chemical burn, Amoxycillin, vegetarian, selfishness, breakfast date, 13, 99, the age restriction, guard your finances, prenup, expensive purchase, illness tied to the throat, stop yelling

Oracle card energy: Perfect Storm, courage, stand up for yourself, don't let them get off easy

Taurus: Eight of Wands (rx*): lack of communication, ear infection, eyes on the road, selling a motorcycle, fleeting, bumpy road, lost check, not feeling attractive, the same conversation over and over again, fire hydrant, moving to the desert, someone using tears to manipulate you, west coast, grab a coat, solitude, lack of attraction, sending the text to the wrong person, don't share your nudes this week

Oracle Card energy: panic attacks, scary dreams, feeling trapped spiritually, narcolepsy, don't let them trick you, breathe

Gemini: Knight of Wands: changing your mind, a quick trip, fire sign with red hair, horseback riding, intelligent conversation, suspension (car), rock n roll band, concert, spontaneous gift, braiding your hair, love when you're not looking for it, change of residence, self-critical, emotionally all over the place, library, Sagittarius, clover, saying something you don't mean, Patrick, S, C or Q, letterman jacket, grandfather's watch or an old locket

Oracle Energy card: reconciliations, are they telling you the truth, something needs to be revisited

Cancer: Four of Wands (rx): unfinished project, issues with a roof, not happy at home, Vanderbilt, belt, tires screeching, hopeless romantic, tree by your house needs to be cut down, electrical issues, time-sensitive information, taking a test, technology class, Libra, Aries, spectator, traveling to California, feeling spontaneous, inheritance, getting a mortgage, something good happening, this is here to stay

Oracle Energy Card: stars in the sky, the sky is the limit, anything is possible, wish upon a star

Leo: Three of Cups: camping, game night, new movie, party, fashion model, draft beer, military, medals, relaxing on the beach, gossip, being caught in the middle, a secret admirer, coffee, someone making you the scapegoat, a friend being nasty with you, someone craving your attention, punishment, stuck in the middle of a friend fight, cancer, Davidson, eagle eye, smile now cry later, joker, Pentatonix

Oracle Card Energy: lost your way, studying your lineage, talking with your ancestors

Virgo: Tower (rx): vibrato, singing voice, musical, broadway, issues with teeth, funny character, fungus, toes, dreams of falling off a cliff, Wednesday, shuffle your playlist three times, vincent, indoor, learning a new school, buying new kitchen knives, the phone constantly ringing when you are hanging out with friends, swollen cheeks, still fighting with an ex over custody, don't like your ex's new partner, someone trying to buy your love or friendship, breaking a glass, someone wants you to stop working and take care of them (not your child)

Oracle Card Energy: the internet, disconnect from your devices this week, entanglement, pay to what's actually happening not how you want it to be

Libra: Fool (rx): you feel like the walls are caving in, take time to make a decision, landscaping, pillow and a blanket, Chesapeake bay, trying to find an old ipod, training, issues with an aquarius or aries, leaving the big city behind, not falling for the temptation, socket, running out of patience, trying to get a transcript, recording a phone call, an air sign being manipulative, east, stomach issues, ringing in the ears, eyesight problems, speech, package being delivered, online shopping, being on the water, playing an instrument

Oracle Card Energy: love bug, stop and smell the roses, new perfume, pamper yourself this week

Scorpio: 10 of cups: feels too good to be true, Pisces, family reunion, movie time, bearded dragon, tattoo, Smithsonian, museum, painting a picture, being complimented on your style, grandmother wishes you well, silver dollar, new neighbors, rainbow, falling in love with another water sign, playing catch up, being appreciated by a school, being accepted into college, fixing your skin issues, rearranging the garage or attic, spiritual enlightenment, reiki session, massage, making a business plan

Oracle Energy Card: learn to adapt, change is here, earth sign, finding stability, ballet, don't be afraid of your feelings

Sagittarius: Seven of Pentacles (rx): wanting to quit your new job, colonoscopy, don't know how or why you're feeling this way, abandonment, lack of closure, wanting to be alone, plants are dying, no longer wanting to invest in this relationship, David, Scott, Peace sign, issues with your hair, unemployment, not landing your dream job, looking for a lost animal, scatterbrained, grieving, a water sign is nagging you, meniscus, don't want to hear their apology, feeling guilty, feeling if you relocate then maybe you will feel better, a court case resolves in your favor, being reinstated

Oracle Energy Card: not feeling like yourself, judging those around you, projecting, they don't understand

Capricorn: Nine of Pentacles: resting, waiting for an answer, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, another Capricorn, rain boots, building something, early Christmas shopping, wine glasses, puncture wound, scrap the knee, loneliness, put your thinking cap on, graduation, someone doesn't respect your space, solo project, PhD, master's, thinking about what your talent is, reinventing yourself, thinking about land or property, fulfilling a contract, refund comes, they are separated but not divorced yet, trivia, karaoke, back issues, driving too close to the steering wheel, unable to say no

Oracle Energy Card: rest assured everything will work out, have more faith, carpal tunnel, make space in your closet, a family member may move in with you

Aquarius: 10 of pentacles: a vision, vision board 2024, testing the waters, experiment, a hotel, balcony, dog trainer, patience, whisper, interracial relationship, hospital doors, big windows, skyscraper, dirt road, this relationship becomes a burden, a needy person, the same person keeps bothering you about being in a relationship, communication, a new phone, changing your phone number, taking care of a sick family member, going into your savings, telling someone their partner is cheating but they aren't listening, binoculars, avoiding your father or a father figure, switch your toothpaste, migraines

Oracle Card Energy: the possibility of new love, tangible things, new car, top floor apartment, therapist, opportunity to move, love or your career?

Pisces: Ten of Wands (rx): throwing out an ex's things, bug problem, weak knees, bruised hip, try not to carry heavy items, someone moving out or in, chasing after your dreams, being rejected by the past, sending out your resume, taking an online assessment, overworking yourself, feeling emotionally empty, target practice, they want to be exclusive but you're not ready, thrift shopping, an old yearbook, calculator, this is the last time they will tell you no, bank, a younger water sign, resignation papers,

Oracle Card Energy: focus on something else, perfectionism, see where it goes, avoiding someone you had a bad date with

*rx: reverse

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