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Mini Weekly Horoscopes Jan 17-24: Is this situation fair to you?

* = reversed

Aries: Six of cups: nostalgia, family members in your dream, candy corn, Halloween, visiting a center, trail ride, blank canvas, old childhood friend on Facebook, sugar cane, horse stables, mercury dominant person, building a house or fixing a mold issue, washing machine, stairs, check your pockets, cat stuck in the tree or some sort of animal, fishing

Oracle: Lovers: make a choice

Taurus: knight of wands: changing your mind, swift, burning rubber, Alabama, feather in the hair, someone born in the 1970s, arcade, gamer, hotel, change of residence, self-confidence, meeting someone you least expect through work, remove your hat, changing your hair, hail damage, garage door, cleaning out your closet, tomahawk, army veteran, military, short-lived situation

Oracle: Crown Chakra: Rest. Headaches could be cutting your week short. Stop sleeping with the tv on and respect your intuition instead of ignoring it. You need to study more on this particular subject or person

Gemini: Hanged Man: finish, wait and see, money falling out of your pocket, take some time to think before walking away for good, Pisces, Virgo, libra, cancer, speech therapy, colonoscopy, tree house or tree swing, stuck on a mistake they made, they can’t give you their attention right now, afraid they may be cheating, oversleeping your alarm, discovering a hidden talent, bunk bed, starting a garden, analog watch, seashells and seafood

Oracle: Temperance: Ignoring it won’t make it go away. Sit down and talk or decide to continue therapy by the end of the month

Cancer: Knight of swords*: lack of progress, going backward, an empty promise, not feeling safe, digestion system, caricature, spinal issues, yoga, aftercare, listening to music, taking your time, a job or situation that seems foreign to you, impatience, fighting with an air sign, starting a problem when there isn’t one, deciding to remain quiet instead of speaking up for yourself, skipping over the details, misinformation

Oracle: Take the Lead: Take Charge of your own life and situation, let go of what no longer serves you, freelancing, take a risk if you want to get what you want

Leo: Five of wands*: fighting for your position at work, giving someone the silent treatment, letting go of a hobby you’ve been enjoying since 2015 or 2018, dropping someone you’ve been talking to on the side, shaky ground, fighting about children or starting a family, not getting an interview, looking for peace, feeling unmotivated, you may cut off all your hair, more work and less play, feeling bored with this fire or air sign, don’t sports bet this week, a waste of an investment

Oracle Card: Sacral Chakra: Not feeling sexually satisfied and struggling to find what you are passionate about. Dive more into your creativity to help remove the blockages you will feel this week

Virgo: Temperance: Educating yourself, long-distance travel, Eric, Vincent, storybook, writing a book, opposites attract, late night party, museum, obsessing over dinosaurs or anything ancient, having a calm conversation with a fire sign, a deceased aunt or sister will be trying to communicate with you, the sun will come up in the morning, slow down on the day drinking, connecting with your purpose, principal, getting advice from a nurse or counselor, getting yellow flowers, cool down period, playing the piano, being aggressive with someone new (moving fast)

Oracle: Darkest Fears: afraid to be alone so you will obsess or even sabotage this new connection because you don’t believe in yourself to know things will work out without you pushing the issue. Let go of the rejection that you felt with someone from your past, it has nothing to do with the new person.

Libra: Five of Pentacles*: giving up, feeling powerless, issues with calf or right leg, recovering from an injury starting Tuesday or Wednesday, collateral damage, skyscraper may fall, the weather is getting better, crops, asking for help, acting uninterested, unable to make a child’s play or activity, a couch needs to be replaced, slipping on the floor, nose ring, calculator, birthday invite, spending all the money you’re about to receive, be more frugal, an extra $200 needed for some sort of bill, repairing a window

Oracle: Moving on: you know what you have to do. It’s time to move on and clear your energy of the negativity you’ve experienced with this water sign. Life isn’t over, it’s just beginning

Scorpio: Three of swords: separation, issues with lungs or heart, physical fight with someone or boxing out your emotions with words, issues with something getting into your eyes, transportation issues or a bad paint job on your car, shattered glass or broken car window, robust, fried green tomatoes, samurai movies, sushi, three strikes you’re out, an air sign crosses the line with you again and this time your heart can’t forgive them, but you will still try and stay to work it out again, sad news about a childhood friend, careful around knives in the kitchen, rainstorm, not interested in dating someone new, telling a new air sign that likes you that you are dealing with someone else, apologizing to a fire sign father, brother, uncle or ex, by the end of the month you may be single

Oracle: Helpless & Hopeless: You don’t know what to do and how to move forward in this situation. Right now it’s okay to not have an answer, give yourself time. You’re fearful of moving or living without this person but you’ve already processed the ending of them a long time ago. The first step is to take the first step

Sagittarius: Chariot: self-fulfilling, looking for houses or apartments in a different city or state, trying to find a new place to move to, feeling constricted, working on loving yourself again, traveling with your mother in February, cake, looking for a new pet, working on your health, sudden news, you don’t know if you can afford a car or a new car right now, being ghosted by a cancer or Aquarius, spiritual lesson or karmic relationship, dropping your phone in the water or toilet, fireplace, being gifted something, trying to decipher your dreams by the weekend, looking for a new job

Oracle: Throat Chakra: tell the truth and get that frog out of your throat. The only way forward is to start off on a clean slate. Sing in the shower or let yourself have a good cry to release

Capricorn: Four of wands*: not feeling happy about your new or current living situation, paint peeling from the wall, old home, haunted house, calling off a wedding or engagement, peaches, strawberries, apples, squirrel, animal stuck in your attic or gutter, buying yourself flowers, online persona, making new friends online, finding a new job that you’ll like on the internet, mentoring someone new at work, a younger water sign, a daughter is really sick and will be under you a lot this week, reading, the less you try the more you’ll achieve, breaking a lease, secretly meeting with your ex, a child talking to their other parent behind your back, keep files confidential, you won’t let go of the Scorpio, Sagittarius or libra yet

Oracle: Teach: Lessons must be learned first before you can move forward to the next phase of your life. Don’t be so uptight and keep an open mind. Volunteer information only when asked

Aquarius: Queen of Wands*: losing control, submission, dealing with a fire sign, not feeling confident in a boss or your business, last week this person was interested and now they are backing off, black magic, mean mother or sister, sick cat or pet, holding a paycheck, feeling like a target is on your back, cutting off an earth sign, holding a grudge toward someone who put you in a third party, they will try to bribe you back on their good side, money will be stable this week, not ready to date yet if you are single, someone is moving on pretty quickly after just having a baby, they aren’t divorced yet so be careful, successful idea or endeavor, you’ll give them another chance because they are sorry, more work coming into you, going to the movies, caged bird, working late, not pregnant

Oracle: Confront: Confront your fears and don’t ignore what your inner child needs. It’s okay to be afraid but you’re letting that fear define who you are. Confrontation with an earth sign person is likely before the week is over; this situation is codependent.

Pisces: Wheel of Fortune*: going backward, luck is not on your side in this new place, not getting into a school of your choice, applying again, misfortune, taking sides, don’t change course due to other’s opinions, slow and steady, you’re not stuck, keep moving forward with the plan you already have, blocking a fire sign, pearl necklace, camping trip, work party, interested in someone at work, headaches, no new job this week, going to Spain, pretending you cut someone off, you’re still attached or talking to this person on the low, learning a new language, good news from a distance comes on Friday, someone entertaining you because they are just being nice, don’t be afraid to say no, no new love this week

Oracle: Choose your battles: you know before you stepped in the ring that this was a battle you wouldn’t win. Don’t ignore the signs because of your pride. Sometimes silence is the answer. Being picky isn’t always a bad thing.

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