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Mini Horoscopes August 6-12: The Silent Treatment

Vault and Patreon members: channeled messages will be uploaded for you tomorrow for the upcoming week

Aries ♈: page of cups: renewal, devotion, pieces, airhead, plane, road rage, cutting out pork, musician, composer, central park, Donovan, Alan, c-span, high pain tolerance, back injury

Taurus ♉️: five of cups: feeling disrespected, caved in, chest pains, sore throat, rejection letter, break up after reconciling, studio, breaking rules, teenager breaks curfew, alcohol poisoning, Queen’s gambit, miscommunication with a sister/sibling

Gemini ♊️: Hierophant: marriage counselor, therapy, IVF, music to my ears, a stubborn fixed sign, dinner party, handmade furniture, luxury car, government assistance, grant, fiber, bifocals, sushi date

Cancer ♋️: knight of pentacles (rx)*: laziness, unmotivated, problems with a trip, allergies, earth sign giving you the silent treatment, apple, risky decision, stop applying, more action, van life, 401k, refinance, German shepherd, new pet

Leo ♌️: four of swords: resting, vacation, sleep apnea, falling asleep to music, left knee issues, blood pressure/sugar, Kensington, cardiac, golf caddy, medieval history, patience, painting a room, VIP

Virgo ♍️: Queen of pentacles (rx): clean up your house, fruit flies, rabbit/bunny, too much chocolate, boils under arms, change your deodorant, hair breakage, things aren’t getting better with a health issue, lack of trust with another earth sign, lost the wallet/keys, worried about grandmother’s health, the old house, foreclosure property

Libra ♎️: 10 of cups (rx): you’re not always right, cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, bot, Spanish, learning another language, phlebotomy, red flowers, pink shirt, time-lapse, Capricorn, botched surgery, movie date, Eric, Leah, Smith, bullseye, tent, camping, cassette tape, nose/ear piercing, jazz or house music, not emotionally happy

Scorpio ♏️: two pentacles: juggling, two jobs, two pieces, two robes, two text messages, rocky boat or plane ride, tubes tied, flashlight, invisible, scar, skateboarding, not thinking about the future, dating two people or fear they may be dating someone else, package, sea salt, escaped animal, zoo, redo your budget, spending too much on a trip or food, stuck in desert or remote location, charge your phone before you go, pay your insurance

Sagittarius ♐️: four pentacles: business contract, new information, CGI, marvel, comic book, drawing, creativity,  app creator, biscuits, baking, exchange, crypto, stocks that start with letter p, c, t, o, r, Rebecca, Dick Tracy, home renovation, waiting list, wine glass, legal matters, secret divorce attorney, fish, cod, Atlanta, holding on four more years but you don’t want to

Capricorn ♑️ : fool: LASIK (eyes), tabloid, photography, moonshine, walking a trail at night, sunburn, tanning bed, rocky cliff, white husky, Alaska, chef, trying to conceive, cherry, ladder, Alibaba, license (business), runaway train, eagle, sleep pattern is disturbed, roll up your windows, it’s gonna flood, moving on quickly, Sagittarius, Aquarius, disco music/party

Aquarius ♒️: Lovers (rx): cheating, bbq, losing interest, not following your passion, not enough options, accusatory, Gemini, waste management, not so clever, irrigation, issues with plants growing, martial arts, changing your mind, long-distance relationship, Michael, ice coffee, beauty school, the arts, commitment phobia

Pisces ♓️: three of wands: words are scrambled, bowling, softball, they aren’t reaching out, stop waiting, Aries, admission, slow down, throwing up, nerve damage, issues with fingers, cheating on an exam, don’t start the business, issues with drop-shipping or receiving the product, Vegas, broken tv, cutting off a long-distant connection

*rx: reversed

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