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Hey guys, if you didn't catch my short live, then you missed the new things happening; It's not really new. Moving forward my channel will be based on requests. I've mentioned it before but now I am putting it into practice more. Each week I will make a post asking for reading requests for the upcoming week. You can request weekly horoscopes, mini horoscopes, celebrity natal chart readings, celebrity tarot readings, a reading for your particular zodiac, whatever you feel. Whichever requests get the most likes, I will do.

*NOTE: If you don't request anything for the week then there will be no content. I am working for the good spiritual people of America and no more unsolicited advice from me 😃

Personal readings are always available by the way.

Comment below, text me or you can email your requests. Suggestions will no longer be taken after Feb 18th at 12:00 pm CST

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