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Four of a Kind Journal 1 (July 28-31 Horoscopes): No sense in crying over spilled milk

Aries: you want to fix something with your appearance by inquiring about plastic surgery or you may have already scheduled the appointment. You will be going back to visit your ancestor lands likely starting in February of next year but if you’ve been having some trying times with water sign family members then these next four days will bring you clarity on what to do. Wanting to visit places near the water is likely as well. Feeling very in tune with how you truly feel about someone special in your life but you are afraid to make a step forward and let it be known out of fear of rejection. A young boy could be graduating and this person may be close to you. Focusing on clean eating or starting a new diet closer to Sunday

Taurus: your rushing to the finish line to get your work done after taking some sort of vacation has set you back. Be mindful of trying to impress someone new that you just started back dating. I’m hearing something tied to a legacy so this may have something to do with fraternity/sorority or you are ready to start a family and soon. A Sagittarius or fire sign person may be getting on your nerve as they feel you are not making enough time for them. But right now you are just confused about what direction you will go. Likely by Monday, your mindset will change again on what you want to do. These next four days are just temporary feelings and changes. Don’t get too comfortable.

Gemini: a warm embrace from cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Things seem to be running a bit smoother for you in the love department. You may be feeling feelings for a friend that you’ve had for many years but you never explored the possibility of you guys being together. You want to climb a tree or you are having dreams tied to trees. Meaning that you mustn’t neglect your health in the pursuit of a leadership or management role. You may be thinking about making the jump to biochemistry, mechanical engineering, or something in the tech field. Your emotions will be pretty evenly balanced but this could be because someone isn’t icing you out anymore. A kaleidoscope is coming through so you may be going on some sort of trip when it pertains to psychedelics.

Cancer: the phone is ringing off the hook. Everyone has something to say to you or you are just the hot spot for people to tell all their problems too. A karmic connection with a younger fire sign could start to slowly show itself before these next four days are up. You are still looking for your purpose and where you belong in this world. These next four days are meant for you to simply enjoy the ride instead of trying to put a time stamp on everything. Be careful if you are around the age of 38, 42, 19, 22, or 27 because I do see a pregnancy popping up for you. Some of you will be trying to get pregnant again by someone who you may have already suffered a miscarriage with. A very important message is coming before the next four days end. Getting recognition for a company you started during the pandemic or over the last year. Stay in this job, be patient, and volunteer for this new project. These next four days are when you start a revolution.

Leo: fear seems to be knocking at your doorstep over these next four days. You are worried about someone that could be your mother or if you adopted a child then you may be having some alarming dreams about them. You are just scared to be left behind so these dreams are just showing that you fear that people will forget about you. You may not be seeing eye to eye with someone when it comes to their work schedule. Things were cool at first but now it’s starting to feel as if you and this person never have time for one another. Jealousy could be spoiling a connection you have and I feel this is coming from someone’s past. I’m picking up some sort of collect call that you could be receiving from someone as well before these next four days are up. I’d say that you are also wanting to get someone back for betraying you around 18 days or 18 months ago. You’re still spewing on this and this could be because this person caused you to lose important things or be set back in life. These next four days you may be saying one thing but meaning another so clean up your communication. Stomach bug going around.

Virgo: trying to do the right thing when it comes to an earth sign. Someone will be being quite diabolical or even degrading toward you starting in two days. If you just hooked up with an earth sign you both may end up going your separate ways very quickly. One of you is dealing with the dark knight of the soul. So for right now the interest is more so sexual instead of trying to build a solid foundation. Now some of you may be in therapy or you will think about setting an appointment in the next three days. You’ve been self-sabotaging a lot over these past 15 weeks or since 2015 and you’ve possibly pushed people away that you now realize wanted nothing but good things for you. So over the next four days, you will be sorting through your shit so that you can work toward a more fulfilling and happy future. Someone may also be lying about how they feel but they don’t want to accept you. So over these next four days, you may have to question everything.

Libra: Do you smell that? Smells like work, and a lot of it. You may feel like a chicken with its head cut off over these next four days. You will be everywhere and trying to do everything but this could be that you are trying to make up for lost time. You may find your soul tribe group of people that share similar interests or you may finally be finding your flow. Be prepared because you may be sought out for a trainer position or someone may want you to teach a class on a subject that you are an expert in. You may be interested in a Virgo that you will meet through work or this person is coming toward you soon and you will meet them through 8th house things (occult, astrology, insurance, death, sex, doctor). Careful of what you wish for. You wanted to be busy and now you are busy. People are finally ready to hear what you have to say or invest in you.

Scorpio: travel plans may get canceled at the last minute. You are also thinking a lot about love and what love means to you. You may have recently left someone behind over the past 8 days or 8 hours and this isn’t a decision that you came to quickly. It possibly took you years or months to come to this decision to let this person go because either you are scared of love or this person can’t seem to love you right. So over the next four days, you will be tabling the need or want to be in love or to have a partner. A fire sign lover may have lied to you about being interested just to find out that this person is sleeping or dating someone else. You may notice this by a picture you’ll come across on social media. Things seem to be slowing down a bit but that’s a good thing because an illness or cough is starting to creep up. Get some rest.

Sagittarius: You’re not feeling as comfortable with a situation in your life. You thought by now you would have an answer on if this is the right situation or not but it’s still foggy. You are trying to play it cool over the next four days that this person isn’t coming to visit you or playing phone tag. All of a sudden you or they are not peaking the other person’s interest. An abandoned building may need to be torn down or there could be mail coming to you about an abandoned property tied to your name that needs to be dealt with. You will want to stay home over the next four days and you may even be looking a little bit like a caveman. Hair is unkept, not feeling motivated to eat, maybe not even wanting to take a shower, it’s almost as if you are depressed because you don’t have control over what is going to happen next – lay down and take a nap. If you are going out with friends over the weekend make sure you don’t put your drink down because someone may try to put something in it.

Capricorn: “Every time I try to leave something keeps pulling me back, me back, telling me I need you in my life.” Having a hard time letting go of a connection with an air sign person. You will be trying to detach again over these next four days but it will still be unsuccessful. There may be some sort of drama happening at a dental or doctor’s office if you work there. Your vision may be obstructed or blocked while you are driving somewhere so be careful. Some of you may be trying to go back to someone from the past that you’ve been disconnected from for the last two years but once you go back to where you think they are, you’ll notice that they are gone. This Venus retrograde for you could be one where you are constantly thinking back on a lot of the relationships that you had years ago. But you still are struggling to see the truth in these partnerships. They came at a time when you didn’t know yourself – let it go.

Aquarius: going for the shock factor or you may feel shocked and awed within the next two days. If you’ve been sleeping with someone you barely know then you may need to go to the doctor. Issues with a UTI could start coming up on the 31st. Losing your glasses or dropping something important in the water so make sure you have a purse or bag that is snug on your waist. Tropical storm or heat wave issues. Whatever this ending that is happening in four days is old stuff that you’ve refused to let go of. So let the dominos fall where they may and try not to panic. This ending may involve a Scorpio, Aries, another Aquarius, Taurus, or Capricorn. Be careful what you put in writing or you could be receiving some sort of threatening notice. And this may be all tied to your job or the neighborhood you live in.

Pisces: it’s a block party. You have someone blocked or you will be blocking someone after you feel this person gave up on your guys' connection too many times. This may even be a person that has ghosted you a time or two in the past and you no longer want to continue this cycle. You could be working on getting back in shape when it comes to physical fitness and you may be thinking about learning to swim or getting back in the pool. You also may be hiding from someone or avoiding them and this could be the person you’ve blocked. You may end up seeing them out and about while you are shopping this weekend. Issues with an older brother are likely if you have one, but if you don’t then this could be a best friend. You also could be feeling pressured to deliver some sort of project you’ve been having trouble finishing. There’s a dark horse constantly on your back. This could be a boss or just the expectations you have of yourself. You give up too easily and this is why none of your manifestations have come true.

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