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Faith’s Astro Report 🚀 + Numerology 🐥 Dec 17-23

Week of December 17-23

The First Quarter Moon in Pisces square Sun in Sagittarius occurs on Dec 19, marking a time of crisis & compelled action. Projects may face obstacles as our actions' effects become clear.

Mercury remains retrograde in Capricorn until Dec 23, when it moves back to Sagittarius.

Focus is practical & logical. Changes to plans can be disruptive. Communications require extra care.

Venus remains in Scorpio until Dec 29, fueling passionate & consuming relationships. Jealousies may arise. Deep bonds or turmoil are both possible.

Mars will stay in Sagittarius. We fight for our beliefs & take on challenges, though plans may be abandoned quickly. Spontaneity reigns.

Avoid major decisions around Venus opposition Uranus on Dec 20/21, bringing instability & rebelliousness to relationships & finances. Independence is key.

Void of Course Moon: December 19 & 21. Just say no to new things during these times

If you get rejected or abandon things this week, I would take that as a win. These things are meant to hinder you more than help. Onward to different opportunities


Week of December 17-23

Key 🔑 Dates: 12/17 (Master Teacher 23/5 energy) and 12/21 (Visionary 33/6): Expect revelations & insights to raise awareness. Teachings focus on cooperation & compassion.

On 12/19 the Resilient 24/7 is highlighted. Find strength through flexibility when facing challenges. Stay determined through problems.

12/21's Visionary energy inspires bold ideas & big-picture thinking. Stay future-focused. Mars trine Neptune enhances creativity & imagination.

Honor commitments through faith & patience on 12/23.

Close cycles with care & wisdom.

By the end of the week, you’ll know if you can trust this person or path

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