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Aries & Gemini May 2023: Don’t Need to Say you deserve better, you know you do

Aries May 2023: spiritually you are exhausted by someone who is being very codependent on you. They are not supporting you like you need and you know it. There may be a bad deal or contract that you signed that is depleting your resources or money and you will be leaving it soon. Don't be surprised if you are hit with chaos before things start to really shift. You are starting to open up and accept the reality of your situation. You may feel now that love isn't as important as what you made it out to be. You need peace and you need to be protected, love is not enough. Going back home or a move back to a place from your past is likely.

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Gemini May 2023: you are in strong consideration to fix things with an ex during this month. You're fearful they will reject you. There is some sort of rejection letter or disappointing communication coming from someone or something tied to your past. It's okay to make mistakes, but you have to own them. You could be breaking down a bit this month because you will suddenly want to make drastic changes to your appearance. Don't squirm in your chair or run away from things. This is your month to fix what's wrong instead of placing the blame. You too need more support from a partner that could be depleting your finances. Trying to get you to make the impossible possible when you are just carrying too much of their baggage. This relationship may always seem as if there's always something that needs to be fixed or changed.

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