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Weekly Horoscopes Feb 20-26: The strength to choose a different path

Aries: Working on your health this week will be your top priority. You could be scheduling a hair appointment for the first time in years or doing something different with your appearance. You’re feeling the urge to possibly get a nose ring especially if you’ve had it pierced once or twice before. Good news will be coming in regard to your bank account on the 21st or 29th of this week. Some sort of necklace will be gifted to you and you may be thinking about setting up some kind of altar dedicated to your ancestors. This necklace you’ll find or be gifted could be a family heirloom or something that was supposed to be given to you years ago. Varicose veins, issues with calf muscles and blood pressure levels could be what you’re dealing with this week in regard to your health. The city of Rome or being obsessed with Greek culture is likely this week. Some sort of school project that is due could be delayed due to an unforeseen circumstance with the teacher or professor, so you’ll have almost an extra two weeks to get it finished. Sound and solid advice will be given to you in the form of a cousin or younger sibling. You’ll be getting back on the treadmill this weekend. For those of you that are single, an earth sign person wants to come forward with an offer but they may try to present a different offer instead of love. So they may try to work with you on a project because they don’t know how to tell you that they like you. They’re attractive, and that’s all I get right now.

Taurus: Defensive-that’s the word for your week. A lot of your time will be spent at work and you could be shadowing a boss or upper management. You don’t have time for the games that an air sign is trying to play with you. They either like you or they don’t but you are dealing with someone who is coming across as very confusing. So before the week is over you may decide to cut communication with this person off. I don’t get that you’re in a commitment with them so either you’ve never dated or you are in separation. Something tied to a diploma is coming through and you may have to provide this for a new job or some sort of background check that needs to be done. May not be a bad idea to hire someone who can help you with your resume since you’re having issues landing a job you actually want to invest your time in. Timex (the company). I’m also getting something tied to a hustler, so be careful of scams on the street or vendors that you may try to seek out for a business. Robust (taste). Tomatoes (acid reflux). Someone could be rolling over in their grave because of a decision you’re about to make or you are letting someone play you, and this person who has passed on knows that this is not who you are. Because love or interactions with people has not been so kind, you could be becoming the king of swords. You’ll withdraw away from the world of dating for a while and your demeanor may even become harsher towards people because your heart has been broken. Don’t let this change you for the worse.

Gemini: Where do we go from here? You’re trying to figure out the emotions or thought processes of this person. You could be dealing with a water sign or this could be someone you met during the season of scorpio or cancer. You have a lot of different scenarios made up in your mind of what this person is up to and you could even be stalking their social media this week; even if you live with them. If there is communication between the two of you, what they will be saying won’t make much sense, or at least not to you. The infatuation with this person is wearing off for you or it’s wearing off on their end. You could be throwing yourself into online shopping or some sort of online game just to distract you from the very confusing energy you’re dealing with. Cameras need to be installed or some of you may be going as far as installing cameras to try and catch this person doing something bad if you live together. You are losing yourself in a way because you feel as if you are losing them. It’s just too confusing right now to try to make any sort of concrete decision on this one. You may decide to go and visit your parents' house for the weekend. Be careful of stepping or driving through something yet because whatever is in that puddle will be stuck to the surface. Before the end of the week you will feel like jumping ship and it may be in a direction to try and make someone jealous. I feel this person has seriously checked out so any sort of movement you will make to try to get their attention is just a waste of time. Family will be giving you mixed signals if you go for a family reunion in july or august. You also may be trying to figure out if you want to keep your house or move.

Cancer: Dangerous, but maybe not in a bad way. You are wanting to put yourself out there more when it comes to opportunities or meeting new people. A new direction may be presenting itself to you this week or by April and it could include some sort of long-distance or spontaneous travel. Something could be transpiring on social media or you could be making some changes to your social media. Either delete it, start over or change your username. There is something that you want to leave behind so that you can have a brand new beginning by yourself. It may be a relationship, a pet, a child or just a change of location. Might need to pack your bags because something spontaneous is coming in. There will be a whimsical type of energy to you and you may be acting like a fairy or a unicorn. You will be in a world where you are imagining all your dreams coming true and who knows, one or two of them might. But the energy does feel that someone new, rather that be love or business, is coming in. It feels as if you are meant to have fun with this energy or this thing. Those of you on the internet for your career could see a sudden hike in popularity by Sunday. An opportunity when you least expect it. Don’t try to look for changes, tell yourself that changes are already here. Heavy water sign energy coming through. Someone that you want badly could be contacting you Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. You could be getting good news from your father or a person who you were their father in the past life will be coming into your life. I guess you just have to see what happens

Leo: Feeling blocked this week and having a hard time figuring out what this person’s intentions are. You need to stand your ground if you’ve already told someone no or told them that something is over. Be careful of having road rage or some sort of rusted nail or pole that may scratch your car. Try not to park close to construction sites if you are visiting the downtown area of your city. There’s an issue with your toothbrush or with our wisdom teeth. You may be recovering from some sort of injury as well that may have left you with a concussion or you have to be careful with extreme sports this week or you could get a concussion. The symbolism of a rope is coming through, you could feel tied up in a situation that you have no control in or this could be coming up in nine days. You also may not trust another fire sign person that you are dealing with. You can sense the insecurity and dishonesty on this person’s breath, but also at the same time you may need to allow something new to unfold in your life before cutting it off. You’re quite sensitive these days so it’s likely you’ll be taking a lot of things personally and it could have you making rash decisions. Everything is not a personal attack against you and it doesn't mean someone is calling you a bad person. Grape jelly, car wreck, issues with taxes or health insurance, issues with problem solving. Watch what you say as well because someone will be coming back repeating what you said, verbatim; it will be hard for you to deny it. This week you shouldn’t make any major changes or give up your position. Save the decision-making for next week. Mars will play a big part in your life this week. Mars = sex, self, face, entrepreneurship, younger siblings, passion, athlete, doctor.

Virgo: You could be feeling a bit lost this week when it comes to your life purpose. You are ready for changes to happen in your life and you may not be making much progress in the career field that you’re in right now. Something tied to train tracks or a train derailing is coming up but I don’t think this is specifically tied to virgos. Music should be incorporated more into your week to help you find direction and also to help you calm down. A panic or anxiety attack could be coming before the week ends or in the next 20-21 days. Your phone will be ringing constantly as someone from your past is trying to get in contact with you. This person may be dealing with some sort of karmic ending right now and they will be needing your help. Doesn’t feel like you are completely disconnected from this person but they just now are coming back. Some sort of back injury or rupture to the appendix could be happening in the next 4-5 weeks, so please be careful. Having issues with potty training will continue with those of you that have infants or toddlers. You may need to ask your grandmother or a mother figure to help you out with this one. You could be attending some sort of race or you will be rushing through your work this week so that you can leave early. But your boss will call you back in or email you to fix it while you are on vacation or away. Writing down what you or scripting will be something that you will likely do this week. A chance to elevate will be coming with the help of another earth sign or if you’ve been trying to get approved for a mortgage or grant, you’ll get it in 8 weeks.

Libra: You have a cancer or a highly intuitive person in your mind. You may have a psychic connection with this person and when you think about them the synchronicities start to pound away in your life. This could be you obsessing over the energy or there is a deeper meaning to this situation. You won’t feel very playful or adventurous during this time so you could be napping quite a bit or reading. There is some sort of book that you are meant to read right now as it’s meant to help you along your life’s journey. This book will be revealed by a friend, mother, or someone with the letter T or I by Thursday. You may be thinking about going back to school or furthering your studies over the next two months. This could be a good week for you to discover things about yourself that you didn’t know. Watch out for jealousy or people being jealous of you. Make sure that you surround yourself with protection or clear quartz, agate, and tourmaline. The numbers 2, 8, 9 or 11 will be repeated quite a bit in your life. It seems that you are moving on to the next level in your journey. Pay attention to your dreams, especially those that seem as if they end abruptly or cut off. Write down the parts that you can remember because eventually, you will have the full story in about three weeks. Someone will be trying to discourage you when it comes to your life, relationship or home. You could be having issues with neighbors trying to push you out of the neighborhood just by annoying you. You will likely join a book club. Whatever this business of yours is that involves entertainment, house hunting or selling, crystals, food, or something tied to the environment, will work. But again, don’t let anyone discourage you. Your intuition isn’t wrong about this person or something you’ve been manifesting. You will get it, but when is the question? Don’t worry about the wind, just know it will come

Scorpio: a good week for your finances. A boss or the principal of your school, if you’re a teacher, will be bringing some sort of opportunity your way. There’s some sort of medicine that you need to take that’s been prescribed but the cost is ridiculous. An alternative method will be provided to you before the week is over and it will be cheaper. You may be trying to woo someone back into your life by buying them things or just being overly generous with your time. It could work, for now. The biggest thing you should be focusing on this week is your career, a business contract, or something tied to a manager. Your financial position will be solidified by some sort of check or an earth sign person. Make sure you tend to the things you’ve already grown. Your mindset these days may be too much of trying to have the best of both worlds or have everything and that’s not going to last for the long haul. Anything that you touch this week may feel like it turns to gold. You will be meeting someone west or south of you this week. It doesn’t feel that you and this person are close as a lot of traveling back and forth will have to be done for you guys to come together. If you are looking for a job you may get an interview for flight attendant, quality assurance, banking, teaching, asset management, and corporate management. You are looking for something or someone could be a cancer. You need to work on building your strength if you are planning to walk away from this situation because it will be the end if you do. But right now you’re not sold that walking away is the right decision. So you will catch a second wind during this time and try again with this person. A good week to sell off old things or to up your sales in your career. You will have the financial backing you're looking for to buy whatever this thing is that’s on your mind. So yes new love is coming in but it’s up to you if you want or not.

Sagittarius: The end of the cycle has come for you. You could be traveling to a different part of the world or you may be thinking about learning a different language. You'll be craving a lot of sweets this week, are you pregnant? Or maybe you are preparing your body for a baby, that’s if you want one. You will be enrolling in some sort of online course or study that you will complete in about three months. Some of you may be thinking about going to esthetician school or this week you will be putting more effort into your beauty. If you’ve been back and forth for the past two years when it comes to a relationship, you will be deciding to end things with this person. It doesn’t mean that you care less about this person, it’s just the two of you have drifted apart. Someone will be coming into your life who will cater to you properly and in a positive way. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you both may take a break from this connection for some time because of the distance and the stagnation. You both connect on an emotional level but someone is more concerned about their career than the relationship. Be careful of a blow dryer you may use this week that may have a short fuse or it will be plugged into a faulty socket. Plans are changing and sometimes that happens when you’re not truly aligned with the path that you’re on. Some of you have been learning that the hard way since 2021. What used to feel like your person or the right path for you is not because it constantly brings delays and disappointments. The good times have been outweighed by the bad and it’s just time for a new beginning. Some of you are just not ready to walk away completely yet so it will take you some time but the time will come when you will have to choose yourself. Your career path will also be changing sometime during the spring.

Capricorn: Balance your diet. You’re eating too many fried foods or your options are just not good. You have a long journey ahead of you since recently changing to something different. You may have your eye on another earth sign person that lives at a distance from you. Feels that they are to the east or west of your direction. During long journeys, you have nothing but time to think and feel through your emotions. Sometimes this can be difficult if you’re used to ignoring what you feel. But right now this will be exactly what you’re doing. You will feel through your emotions and process how you feel about situations and connections in your life. Some things can stay, but a lot has to go. You could be in the field of construction or thinking about building a house from the ground up. You may not be putting enough time or effort into the development of a son or earth sign child and right now that needs to be the top priority. Since you’ve just started on a new path and new beginning, don’t have so many expectations right now. Things will come to you when the time is right. You have a lot of time and possibly a lot of years ahead of you before you get to your final destination. But the cards are saying that you are on the right path. You may not have met or are in no contact with a new lover. This person is very slow-moving energy, very selfish, and calculating at times, so again you shouldn’t have any expectations here. Try to live more in the moment when it comes to love. Not the right time to make drastic changes to your appearance because in April you’ll be going back to how you look right now. If you’re single, this younger earth or air sign is the only option right now and they may not be much of an option since there’s no contact. So let it go, let it flow. Don’t consume yourself with what’s going to happen in this connection, you need to be thinking more about yourself. Hang in there. The time is ripe for you to focus on your goals and ambitions rather than if this person will commit. They’re not even sure if they like you past just a friend anyway.

Aquarius: Powerful bonds and connections will be the highlight of your week. You could be going car shopping or making some sort of upgrade to your car. Could be getting new tires or rims put on it. But on the other hand, you are being tempted. Tempted by the past, tempted by things you know don’t work for you. Things are working behind the scenes when it comes to some sort of union that you’ve had on your mind since March of last year or back six months ago. These months may be significant to this person or connection. Issues with constipation could be getting in the way of any weekend plans that you have. Or your stomach issues could be due to nervousness. Picking up the letter G or Greg, letter C, L, M, Q. The tower came out to round off the clarification for this week. Something is coming in to take you by storm that will have beneficial results, not just for you, but also for your family. An unexpected surprise in matters of work, health, career, public image or your father. Two major arcana came through for you this week, so you have to take your hands off the wheel and let whatever is meant to happen, happen. An air sign person may be giving you issues. Speaking of work, those of you that are working two jobs but one of your companies has advised against that, could be getting fired this week. So the best thing you can do is make sure the two jobs are not running congruently. I see the king of swords in this spread as someone that may not want a particular relationship or connection to happen. This could be a brother or theirs or someone in your life that feels this connection will be a bad thing. But this connection has been guided into your life for a reason. One that will stay for a long period of time but it may not necessarily be a love one. It could be a new friendship or some sort of partnership.

Pisces: I know you’re tired of waiting but the waiting game is not over yet. The soulmate or person you’re looking for hasn’t made it to you yet. You may not even realize or notice this person as you’ve never had any sort of physical or sexual connection. Justice always brings a sense of fairness and balance no matter where you’re at in your journey. You could be dealing with some sort of contract that needs to be signed before the week is over or this could be coming in the next 11 days or 11 weeks. Fairness is the right choice regardless if you agree with it or not. The name Matthew, letter M, letter K, letter C, letter O and R are coming through. What’s the rush? You’re starting to panic this week and once you start panicking that means you start making dumb decisions. You could be in separation with an air sign and although you don’t like this, this is what is necessary at this moment in time. I feel this connection is completely done at this point. You’re just learning to deal with the fact that it won’t be returning into your life. The energy is also saying to keep pushing forward on this business of yours. It will be successful in time. There is a fire sign person that you are thinking about reaching out to or contacting. One that you’ve been avoiding or you go to contact them but then you erase the message. Two sevens came through in your spread this week so you could be going through some sort of karmic cleansing or connection at the moment. Some of you are coming out of a karmic connection but now you’re thinking about going back. Find what makes you happy, only you know the right decision to make. But you need some new energy in your life and honestly a new person to have sex with lol. Running away isn’t always the answer, time to face your demons and face the ending of things. You still have a lot to learn on this journey, which is why you’re not ready for this soulmate. Speaking of contracts, you may feel stuck or bound to one that you signed in 2021 that could last up to another four years. There’s no way around this, you have to complete it. Good thing is that money will be coming in the next two weeks.

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