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Week Dec 10-15 in ASTRO & Numerology 🌙🚀

There’s a new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 12 at 6:32pm EST. This marks the beginning of a new cycle where we can focus on expanding our horizons and gaining a broader perspective.

Mercury stations retrograde today in Capricorn from Dec 13-Jan 1. Prepare for potential delays or need to revisit plans and projects. This retrograde offers opportunities for review and reassessment. #MercuryRetrograde

The Moon will be void of course on Dec 11, 13, and 15. These periods are best used for tying up loose ends rather than beginning new projects.

Opportunities for starting new initiatives according to timing with the Moon are from Dec 10 at 1:10pm EST - Dec 11 at 3:55am EST and Dec 13 at 10:35am EST - Dec 15 at 11am EST.

Astro events:

• Mars semi-square Pluto bringing intensity to desires and Venus quincunx Neptune indicating romantic confusion.

Numerology 🐥

Dec 10-15 🔢🌞

In the coming weeks the number 5 will play a huge part. Seeing as it’s the beginning number for the remaining weeks of the year - bringing uncertainty, change & unpredictability. What choices will you make?

December is a 1 month & 2023 is a 7 year - representing changes & learning lessons. Pay attention to probable outcomes of decisions.

Check your life path number:

1-Inequality/balance issues. Choose only what nourishes.

2-Slow progress amid optimism & pessimism

3-Communication's power & disturbance when beliefs challenged.

4-Your organization amid others' chaos. Find lost confidence.

5-Learning from mistakes leads to confidence & independence

6-Healing hurt love through expression & transformation

7-Connection is key amid outward calm & communication

8-Compassion needed through enhancing change

9-Heartfelt dialog & communication is freedom's key

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