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🧝🏾‍♀️Next 72 Hours ☀️

CARDINAL - Next 72 HRS 🐦

Capricorn, Page of Swords - some annoying conflicts or debates arise in 48 hours but this brings clarity if honesty guides your words, don't fear communication.

Cancer, King of Pentacles - financial concerns lessen as securing stability becomes easier within 3 days. Take a conscientious approach, stay determined.

Libra, 8 of Wands reversed - news feels overdue but delays lift by tomorrow. Bringing things into focus, have patience a bit longer.

Aries, Knight of Cups - opportunities for fun social connections within 24 hours if you open your heart without walls up, let playfulness lead.

FIXED-Next 72 HRS 🧙🏻‍♂️

Taurus, 3 of Swords - heart pains ease within 48 hours if old wounds face the light of truth, accepting these emotions allows healing and deeper joy ahead. Don't shy away from the inner work.

Aquarius, Temperance reversed - overindulgence in vices brings imbalance today, maintain your energy for inner work tomorrow. Strive for a renewed perspective, balance returns soon.

Scorpio, Ace of Pentacles reversed - avoid risky financial moves in 36 hours as blurred vision could cost you. hold off major changes until you can get more clarity

Leo, 5 of Pentacles - feeling out in the cold right now. Your spirit may lift by helping others in small ways. This connects you to community again.

Mutable-Next 72 HRS 🪄

Gemini, 7 of Wands - a period of feeling defensive lessens within 24 hrs, stand your ground with care not hostility. Clarity coming.

Virgo, Knight of Swords - restlessness stirs you to action, channel impatience into a swift but thoughtful approach for change in 3 days.

Sagittarius, Page of Cups - lean into playful pursuits that stir your soul within 36 hrs to lift mood, romance or joy with kids re-sparks passion.

Pisces, 9 of Pentacles - self-care, self-love and appreciation helps release feelings of lack or scarcity in the next 72 hours, look within, nurture what gives meaning.

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