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Channeled Messages for your Element

Taurus Virgo Capricorn | Ahead of your time. A magazine or some sort of publication is looking at your profile as we speak. An invitation to present or a sudden boom of popularity coming in careers tied to Leo or Aries. It’s hard for you to see the finish line though because you just gave up on something 3-6 days ago. Pick this thing back up! You’re heading into a time of success. Even if it lasts for five minutes, make those the best five minutes of your life. Summer time will be perfect for you to apply for jobs, take an internship, and change your style. You also may be thinking about getting a lizard, iguana, or some sort of reptile or fish as a pet soon. Honestly, you won’t have time to care for it so just take a trip to the zoo instead. Water therapy or swimming laps will be good for you as well. Go to a podiatrist for your foot issues also wear an ankle brace and take care of your ankles. You’ll be moving around a lot. Flats over heels. Submitting applications for graduate school or some sort of technical institution. A lump sum of money or new contract is coming in 6 weeks to 3 months

Aries Leo Sagittarius | Your expertise will be needed soon. A contract is coming, an opportunity to coach or be in a management position. You still leave the light on for someone or you have decided that you will remain open to being friends. A part of you hopes you can work this connection out once you both take time and space away from each other. You’re going on a journey soon. One that may not make sense to you or those around you but deep down, you feel it must be down. Activism, being a voice for the underprivileged, or starting a foundation is very likely. Your purpose is to be a teacher because you bring that spark. Editing and writing fiction (not romance) pieces will be huge for you. Also, this group is my next group of lawyers. The way you see life is changing completely, even if this means being single careful of taking large sums of money or loans, or else you may serve time for that in 7-8 years. Time to move out of your parents' house or away from a roommate. Chaos is brewing between the two of you in 9-12 days. A fight that you won’t be able to recover from. If you’re dealing with someone in jail, they won’t be getting out until 2027

Gemini Libra Aquarius | Are they really being dishonest or is it the fact that you’re just skeptical of everyone? Not every person you meet has an agenda and right now you’re projecting your bad love or life experiences onto them; this explains why they are avoiding you. You may not feel as satisfied in your career as before. The money that was coming in has slowed down or stopped altogether. So today you are thinking of an exit strategy but next week you’ll be back to trying to make it work. You will not be moving to a new place or moving on just yet. Something about your background check or a sudden illness may affect how you make money in less than eight weeks. Don’t turn your back on your child or family for a lover. You’ve made that mistake before. Your intrusive thoughts or the way you talk to yourself will be your downfall. Traveling will be coming up to a faraway place. A place of zen or peace in the month of august or 2023. You seriously need to cleanse your energy. Touch some grass

Cancer Scorpio Pisces | Someone isn’t being honest with their feelings or intentions. The advice is to let them have it. You’re better off just being to yourself. You’ve been losing focus over the last two weeks trying to figure out what this person wants to do or if they want to be in your life completely. Truth is that they don’t have a clue. Time for you to stop playing dumb or making excuses for them as well. It doesn’t mean that you have to write them off forever but right now money is the priority. You may be getting prepared for a move. In order for cohesion to happen two things must be brought together. Too much distance and not enough truth. Still struggling with a boss who isn’t as knowledgeable as you. But that doesn’t matter. Respect the chain of command until you are able to move up the chain

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