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Cancer & Virgo May 2023: Things Change

This is the voice recorded message for May 2023

Cancer ♋️ 2023 : A blessing in disguise. Don't get so hung up on the mistakes. Help is there if you ask for it and curb down your anxiety. You're nervous for no reason, everything will work out. This secret admirer of yours is playing hard to get but just let them come to you

Virgo ♍️ May 2023: Emotional convenience. You want to go for the quicker option but that one is tied to a karmic lesson. There's a better option for you if you'd wait. Stop letting people disrespect you

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08. 5. 2023

Thanks for the Cancer reading-it was so resonant for me, especially with this eclipse (it's hitting me HARD). So hey, I don't know where to leave requests, so I'll ask here if that's ok, I have 3, 😁: Can you do like a quickie a reading on how some of these big transits affect a person with that sign prominent? For instance, if I'm a Cancer Sun, how does this Venus in Cancer transit show up for me? Or If I have Venus or Moon in Cancer? How to make the most of them? The 2nd thing I'd love to hear you teach is how Mercury's retrograde affects people that are BORN during Mercury retrogrades-(for me it feels like: finally…

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